Chogtrul Rinpoche was born at beautiful Darjeeling in the Northeast of India in 1966. His father,Pacung Bengpo is a chieftain of Pacung(the west of Sichuan of today ), confers a county . Mother,Dorje Lhamo, grew up from a family of gentry . Both parents are pious Buddhists , who always support and shield the Nyingmaba tradition.

In 1965 winter,His Holiness the 3rd Pedma Norbu Rinpoche invited Dudjom Rinpoche ,16th Gyalwang Karmapa and Dalai lama to enter meditation jointly for looking for the reincarnation of guru, Chokyi Dawa Chogtrul Rinpoche. Then observed the view of Darjeeling and other related Chogtrul Rinpoche matters. With these signs, these great throne holders unanimously recognized the child as the successive reincarnation of previous Chokyi Dawa Chogtrul Rinpoche.

When Chogtrul Rinpoche was three years old, Dudjom Rinpoche took him to Nepal .After Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche reccognized this child as the reincarnation of Chokyi Dawa Chogtrul, Chogtrul Rinpoche received all the teachings, empowerments and transmissions from Dudjom Rinpoche.

At the age of four, Pedma Norbu Rinpoche took Chogtrul Rinpoche back to Mae Sot in India and bestowing the Coronation Ceremony for Chogtrul Rinpoche by the tradition of Palyul Dhartang.

Rinpoche studied under the guidance of many great masters, Dudjom Rinpoche,Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche ,Pedma Norbu Rinpoche, Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche , Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche,Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and so on. Until twenty years old, Chogtrul Rinpoche have received and accomplished all the important practices , empowerments, transmissions and teachings of Nyingma tradition, including ocean-like transmissions of kama and terma, Seal Mahamudra-Great Perfection Ati Yoga. Then Chogtrul Rinpoche has reached the highest great achievement of Guru Drag-purba(Guru Dragkila) transmission.

In 1983, held the Molan Qianmo ceremony (wish world peace ) for the first time in holy land Bodh Gaya( the place of Buddha reaching realization) of India. From then, the annual ceremony must be done every year by Tibetan Buddhist .

Later bearing promise of spreading Buddda's dharma gaved by guru,Pedma Norbu, Chogtrul Rinpoche came to Nepal, and established a Buddhism school and a retreat center in the north suburb of Khatmandu in five years. So far, many lamas and discples and the followings accept the teachings and retreat in this school.

In 1987,Chogtrul Rinpoche came to Taiwan for holding cremation ceremony of Jampal Lodro RinpocheCome. Then he was invited to Karma Kagyu Monastery in Tainan to instruct them to build the first stupa in Taiwan.Then Chogtrul Rinpoche travels around all places inTaiwan and devote to activities of spreading the precious dharma around this dharma-drought area.

While coming to Taiwan for the first time , Chogtrul Rinpoche learned quickly spoken in Chinese fluently, but he knew it's still insufficient for teachings. In order to avoid translating distortedly and overcome the language obstacle that Chinese hear Buddha dharma, Chogtrul Rinpoche in person studied Chinese day and night endlessly. Depending on the Chines-Tibet dictionary, paleography,Chinese eminent monk's writings and several little-talented disciples , Chogtrul Rinpoche can understand the sentences of Chinese Tripitaka in short time, and translates the Tibetan great scriptures into Chinese words to condusive the chinese discples learning.

Though Chogtrul Rinpoche still can not read and write Chinese now, with the great thorough wisdom , the incredible scholar's translations and writings in Chinese was collected to four books : Night's talk with Extraordinary Chog ; Night's tear of Extraordinary Chog ; First morning sun for Extraordinary Chog ; Dustlike thinking vein of Extraordinary Chog. The writings is so elegant .Chogtrul Rinpoche is also a scholar of great attainments in grammer,for this reason, he corrects many mistakes of translations of Tibet sutras and scriptures.

In 1999, 9, 21, heavy earthquakes destroyed Taiwan , Chogtrul Rinpoche in the south of India heard the report on TV cancelled the journey and immediately came back to Taiwan immediately . In April 2003, Sars storm hour, Chogtrul Rinpoche led disciples to the taboo area to support the spiritual needs of residents and prayed for the reducing the harm of disease. Whenever the disasters happen, Chogtrul Rinpoche's compassion will flow towards.

The instructions of Chogtrul Rinpoche are all- embracing. He teachs and studies with disciples not only Buddhist dharma but such as the making of prayer wheels, carving, calligraphy , embroidering , cooking , sipping tea , stone arts etc. His teachings have imperceptibly influence of the followings and disciples close to him in life and are different according to the level of their experience and potential.

In these years, Chogtrul Rinpoche travels to Si Chuan province in China and returns to Dhartang manastery for being invited eagerly by monks, previous disciples and pious residents, he offered substances they need and gave them teachings and empowerments. Now Chogtrul Rinpoche decides to raise funds for building a Dhartang retreat center to benefit those aspirants that they have received the profound teachings and could accomplish the practices!

Some disciples asked The 11'th throne holder, Pedma Norbu Rinpoche,"We are studing under Chogtrul Rinpoche's teachings, is that Ok?" Pedma Norbu Rinpoche said," It is very good, that is your good fortune , the wisdom of Chogtrul Rinpoche is incomparable, study carefully !"

Pray that the pure Palyul tradition may continue to flourish and the life of the 4'th Chogtrul Rinpoche may be firmed and all sentient beings will receive boundless benefit.